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» Sigmund really blew my mind as it goes far beyond a standard delay plug-in «
» D16 Group is one of the most innovative tools to date. «
» When I think of D16, two things come to mind. The first is great, professional grade sounding plugins. The second, is not only intuitive, but fun interfaces. «
» All plugs of D16 are powerfull and if you like big sound as i, use Lush-101! «
» I love the rich bold quality of your plugins. «

Multiband Distortion Unit

Owner's manual:


D16 proudly presents our first Fx Plugin from our "SilverLine Collection" - Devastor. Devastor is a simple but remarkable Multiband Distortion Unit. It is an enhanced version of the distortion unit from our synth Phoscyon. Being multiband, the sonic mangling capabilities are endless!


Devastor consists of three blocks: dynamic-gain module, diode-clipper distortion and three filter sections. Each of the filters can process the signal before or after the diode-clipper. The filters are not the peaking EQ type which are used in classic multiband distortion They are like those found in analog synthesizers (low pass, high pass, band pass and band reject)- with adjustable resonance and cutoff. As a result, Devastor has a completely unique sound - just check out the Factory Presets.

Versatile and advanced

Devastor can used to distort and enhance a wide range of sounds - From full-on acid synth sounds to guitar fuzz or analog amp with combo speaker. It can even be used with drums to make them sound more dirty and dynamic! Devastor isn't just good at creating distorted monster sounds. It can also be used subtlety to improve the timbre and character of more gentle sounds. Reducing the preamp gain, increasing the threshold and selecting a soft-knee for the dynamics will bring out more warmth and detail in a sound without introducing distortion.

When designing Devastor, we applied special antialiasing techniques to the output signal to make sure the signal had no aliasing (aliasing is one of the reasons why digital distortion units sound so cold and un-musical). As a result, Devastor has a warm, musical and very high quality sound.

To hear Devastor, we would like to invite You to listen our audio examples. You'll find many types - from distorted acid lines, through drum'n'bass loops, to electric pianos and organs. Devastor is so good that you may think that the sound has been sent from the computer to an external analog distortion unit and back into the computer again!

System requirements


OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1
CPU: 1.5 Ghz with SSE (Multicore system 2.0 Ghz recommended)
RAM: 1 GB (2 GB recommended)
Software: VST compatible host application (32bit or 64bit)


OS: 10.7.x or 10.8.x or 10.9.x
CPU: Intel based 1.5 Ghz (2.0 Ghz recommended)
RAM: 1 GB (2 GB recommended)
Software: AU / VST compatible host application (32bit or 64bit)

It's not a standalone program so you need a host application to use it.

Sound examples


Emulating Rebirth 2.0 PCF by LiquidProj3ct
Devastor - LiquidProj3ct presets



Pro|tone, 01/2011
» All our testing can be summed up quickly: the SilverLine series is outstanding and unique in sound quality. – you might have realized this by our kind of passionate writing as well. [...] your production will get a lot more precious character with these – in fact, that’s all SilverLine is about: giving a special touch to the sound, not being just another standard plugin series. «
PluginHunter, 11/2009
» Ob er nun zur erweiterten Klangverformung oder einfach nur dazu benutzt wird um den Sound etwas mehr „dirty“ klingen zu lassen, für Devastor ist dies alles gar kein Problem. «
Beat, September 2008
» Für schlappe 30 Euro erhält der Käufer ein vielseitiges Plug-in mit einem eigenständigen, musikalischen Klang. Es bietet sich an, um einer Vielzahl an Signalen zu mehr Charakter, Biss, Wärme und Durchsetzungsvermögen zu verhelfen oder auch, um Synthesizerklänge einmal kräftig kreischen zu lassen. «
Sound On Sound, June 2009
» Silver Line effects and processors stand out from the crowd of vintage emulations. D16 appear to be less interested in your classic Neves and Pultecs, and more in the design quirks and technological limitations that gave older electronic instruments their individual qualities [...] These plug-ins offer something that is authentically 'vintage' yet also rather different from the bulk of what's out there. «
Waveformless, 4/2009
» This is one of those plug-ins that you will find yourself tweaking for hours on end because it offers such a wide range of tones. You can get really subtle tube/tape saturations or absolute bone crushing, in your face sonic mayhem and everything in between. And the best part is, it sounds great on damn near everything. Another winner. (read whole review) «
Future Music PL 3/2008
» Gdy powiemy, że Devastor brzmi jednocześnie diabelsko i bosko, będzie to najprawdziwsza prawda, pomimo że między tymi określeniami jest sprzeczność [...] Devastor to znakomita wtyczka distortion, dużo bardziej ekscytująca w użyciu niż wydaje się na papierze. A przy tej cenie co powstrzymuje was od zakupu? «
Wusik Magazine, June 2008
» Application ranges from subtle to full-on distortion. I find it extremely useful for adding grit to drum loops. It is very musical, especially for dirtying up a Rhodes sound, and is indispensable for warming up stale and lifeless synth tracks. [...] It really shines when used sparingly yet can be one heck of a sound destructor if pushed to the max. At this price, it's too good to pass up. Highly recommended. (read whole review) «
AudioNewsRoom, 05/2008
» We could have started saying "hey, it's only 29 €, you can't go wrong", but probably Devastor would have been perceived only as a cheap sounding piece of software. The truth is that with only 29 € you can get one of the most interesting multiband distorsion devices available today. (read whole review) «
Computer Music, (126) June 2008
» We're telling it like it is when we say that Devastor sounds devilishly divine, if that isn't a contradiction in terms. It sounds (and looks) awesome [...] The distortion can scream, but doesn't exhibit some of the unpleasantly harsh qualities we've heard with many other clippers. Sure enough, d16 have a winner on their hands, and at a mere €29, there's little reason not to snap it up. ( «


» I have never heard this type of sound before in a software plug in, I absolutely love Devastator «

Dash Berlin



Full Features

  • probably the best diode-clipper emulation
  • analog-like filters
  • dynamics flattener
  • presets organised into groups
  • midi learn function
  • pre/post processing mode for each filter
  • 64bit internal processing
  • low aliasing output

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